IHOP’s New French Toasted Donuts! Here’s The Verdict!


We will certainly give IHOP credit for always coming up with delicious new items to consistently spruce up their menu, so we were super excited to head over to our local IHOP restaurant and give their newest seasonal menu item a try. IHOP’s new breakfast/dessert creation is called the French Toasted Donut and it was literally heaven on a plate.

The French Toasted Donuts are available in three flavors which are Bacon & Maple, Strawberries and Cream, and Apple Fritter varieties. A full description of each can be found below:

Bacon Maple French Toasted Donut

Bavarian cream-filled eclair-style yeast donut gets dipped in IHOP’s vanilla French toast batter before getting griddled. Once golden and crisp, it gets topped with chopped hickory-smoked bacon and a maple glaze.

Strawberries and Cream French Toasted Donut

Another cream-filled eclair is dunked in vanilla French toast batter, then griddled, then showered in macerated strawberries, strawberry glaze, and powdered sugar.

Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut

Vanilla French toast batter gives a warm apple fritter its top coat before sizzling on the griddle. When it’s done cooking, it gets loaded with cinnamon-sugar apples, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.

Out of the three choices available we decided to give the Strawberries and Cream French Toasted Donut a try and boy, were we glad we did! It was delicious! The flavors of both the donut and the fruit topping play well off of each other, and add that to the cream filling, it was just delightful. It was definitely sweet, so it definitely reminded us more of a dessert type item, than a breakfast choice, however when paired with one of IHOP’s combo meals featuring eggs, breakfast meat, and hashbrowns, it made for the perfect way to satisfy our sweet tooth at the end of our meal.

Points to this particular IHOP for serving us a French Toasted Donut that looked nearly identical to the advertising art and had a perfect taste. It was not burnt and the layer of French Toast batter truly complimented the cream-filled donut.

Be sure to head over to IHOP soon for your chance to try one of these delicious treats, as they are only going to be offered for a limited time!

Try It Today = YES! 

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